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 SOBUS = MorphAbility

with Dr. Tim Sobie Ph.D.



Modulating Pain



Bodily Interoception



Going Within



Moving About

Mountain Range

About Tim Sobie, PT, Ph.D.

Dr. Tim Sobie is both a physical therapist (OUHSC 86’) and a senior practitioner in The Feldenkrais Method® (FPTP Oregon 96’). He completed his Master of Science degree in Behavioral Medicine in 1999 and his doctoral dissertation research Ph.D. in clinical psychophysiology (Mind Body Medicine) at Saybrook University in 2016 by comparing an original, body schema & neuroplasticity-based Feldenkrais approach against usual physical therapy 'core stabilization' protocols for chronic low back pain. He is now also certified in Office Ergonomics via the OEAP program, North Carolina State University.

Tim continues as clinical director of Alliant Physical Therapy & Integral Medicine ( ) in Tacoma-Olympia, WA, USA, while moving to teach telehealth & consult online via SOBUS WellCare Solutions / MorphAbility ( in addition to hosting his future podcast show entitled “All Things Perception” and his blog page: ‘’

Tim Sobie PT, Ph.D., Physical Therapist & Feldenkrais Practitioner, endogenous interoception research specialist with clinical applications for chronic pain, anxiety, balance, movement & injury recovery, AR augmented reality, VR virtual reality, XR mixed reality, and optimum performance.


That's MorphAbility! 

Services & Offerings

Services & Offerings


Alliant  Physical Therapy

Integral Medicine, PLLC

Tacoma & Olympia WA Locations

Telehealth Options by Appointment )



 Into Life,

        Moving Forward, 

                     Knowing How 

Solving Posture, Pain, Mobility

& other Quality of Life issues


Head Neck, TMJ, Upper Back Shoulders, Hips, Knees, Low Back 


other Multiple Regions of the Body

  • Medicare & Medicaid provider

  • Most Major Health Insurance

  • Work & Auto Injury Benefits

  • Cash & Credit Private Pay 

30+ Years of

Effective & Sustainable Difference

  • Sub-Par Recreation & Agility Loss

  • Difficulty Walking / Going About 

  • Balance & Dizziness & Falls

  • Moving Younger without Pain

"Tim's hands-on approach to pain and limitation is one of a kind -- and gentle. While I was at first skeptical, he helped me to recover lost mobility from an old injury at a downtime in my life when not much else was really working. Happy today, I can now walk for continuous miles without pain."

    - David S.

“When I come to a blind alley, Tim is the first person I think of.”

    - Naomi Rhoades, L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist, Faculty Member, Bastyr University



Wow! This guy knows his stuff!”

    - Susan J. 


NEW for 2022 

Office Ergonomic Consultations

Chair Desk & Keyboard Modifications

  •  Onsite & Return to Workplace

  •  Remote & Working from Home

  •  Reduce Awkward Posture & RSI

             Call (360) 359-5390


                    or e-mail Tim: 



Tacoma & Olympia’s Physical Therapy Centers for Chronic Pain
Alliant Therapy’s All in One Tacoma Location & Retreat Center

Online Course Experiences


Introspective Learning 

Embodied Neuroscience 

Effective Action

Dr. Tim Sobie’s Online Course Delivery Platform at SOBUS WellCare




Common and usual Workout Routines are only effective in reinforcing what's there.

...and it's 'what we're not aware of ' that catches up with us; leading to hidden habits, underlying tension, and patterns of misuse. FBX can help!




Every Sentient Being  has a fluid & neuroplastic biology

BFF gets you unstuck from stasis of life. these anxious times, 'Breathing, Fluids, and Flow ' can indeed become your reliable BFF (Best Friend Forever), in helping you to access airspace, heart space, head space & cell space.




Feeling Overwhelmed? Pulled in Multiple Directions?

Your inner gyroscope needs a new navigation! using my inner-ear experiential anatomy process as a vestibular framework for ergonomic workspace & positive social-emotional presence, you too can harness internal superpowers for cultivating an ever-more-confident state of 'Neutral-Midrange-Maximum-Ease' in almost any confrontation situation that you may ever encounter.  




Outside Adjustments are only an option -

not a necessity!

Banish Back & Neck Pain + Tension another way. 

Send out an S.A.S. instead of an S.O.S.  !


...while vertebral manipulation and soft tissue mobilization / release techniques are skillful applications for the short term; they are not meant to become a dependency-based  lifestyle for the long term. By harnessing upgrades in 'background body schema' as a whole, and enlisting the power of neuroplasticity with Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT), you too can acquire a more resilient & self-organizing & functional spine.

Online Experiences to Reduce Chronic Pain, Stress, Anxiety, & Trauma

Destination Retreat Workshops

Advanced Certification Trainings

Virtual Reality Bones™

Interoceptive Touch™ 


Certification Training for Touch & Movement using Skeletal Density Imagery

Immerse yourself into a weekend of retreat, practical learning, and meaningful engagement within my 4-part research-supported & multi-modal teaching approach. Then come out of it with a  whole new dimension to differentiate & consolidate greater clarity, confidence, & effectiveness in your hands-on manual therapy, exercise training, or movement therapy practice... 

“...unless there is significant change within a person's internal model for the sensory representation of effective action, becoming expressed and confirmed through new attention to new movement, then there is really no change at all..."   

   -  Tim Sobie, PT, Ph.D. 

       Saybrook University

       Clinical Research Dissertation 2016

Virtual Reality Bones™

I developed Virtual Reality Bones™ as a new tool that helps clients to clarify and shift their internal model - their “self image” or internal representation of their unique 'body map' -  so they can make life-long changes for more effective use of whole self & pain-free action in the world. I look forward to sharing my work & application certification process with you.

Interoceptive Touch™ 

Cognitive Manual Therapy – Hands-on manipulation and manual therapy techniques with intent to alter body perception away from ‘correction of illness pathology’ and forward toward ‘the development of functional possibility’ with particular emphasis upon exploiting the inherent robustness of skeletal density contiguities being distributed throughout the entire body's skeletal framework as a whole.

Clarify & Solidify your New Practice Advantage! 

Your patients and clients will Thank You!!!


Onsite Weekend Retreats & Advanced Certification Trainings can come to your region of the world - in 2022 and beyond!

Let's meet up & begin to plan it now!

Hands-on Seminars CEU’s for PT’s, LMP’s, DC’s, Physios & Bodyworkers


 SOBUS = MorphAbility 



affords a descriptive acronym for consolidating your transformative skillsets


and for developing, shape-shifting & improving your 

'Synergistic Organization for Behaviors Utilizing Space

through the Virtual Augmentation of Embodied Sensory-Perception, Posture Orientation, and Movement


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